How to make money with longhorn cattle

How to make money with longhorn cattle

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Users browsing this forum: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your favorite breed. He must sell them soon.

how to make money with longhorn cattle

What should they be worth? Will they bring near the same price as anything else if taken to the sale barn?

Maybe he should take them to West Texas and sale them there. They run registered and commercial Longhorns through there. Roger Townsend BT Farms Pulaski, TN http: Unregistered, the best you could hope for is sale barn prices, or maybe slightly better going commercial through West.

You can go to http: He might also try sticking an ad in the paper. Could find someone that is looking for some pretty yard art That was what I was thinking, someone out there needs them to look at.

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They are at least fat and gentle. Contact Running Arrow Bill.

how to make money with longhorn cattle

About one's only "chance" is at a Sale Barn or to a "commercial" cattleperson if they want some cross-breeding. Sale barn will get you a little "above" the bottom end of that sale category IF the LH's are mostly solid color and they are filled out well. If the cattle are spotted colored, BCS of 4 or less, you can expect the bottom-end of that sale category LESS a few cents.

However, IF the LH has an average or better rack and is colorful, you might be able to sell it as a "Pasture Ornament" to someone who has no interest in breeding that particular animal. Alternately, you can MAKE money on one of these by butchering it and putting it in your freezer! By the time you pay hauling and your expenses, consignment fee, commission, yardage fee, you will in all probability be money ahead taking the animal to your local Sale Barn!

The rest of the people and cattle make a lot less after expenses are paid. But, the sales are a good place to network, party, and window-shop Do not let the "glamour" of an Association sponsored sale cloud your vision and judgment in your hopes of making good money at one of those sales.

The bull will sell for cents depending on his condition unless there are 2 people there wanting a heifer breeder. The pairs are worth depending on the size of the calf.

The longhorn pairs have come up considerably in price in the last few years because more people are finding out you can make more money on commercial calves with a cheap longhorn cow and a chaolais bull than you can on a dollar angus heifer.

Longhorns dont eat much feed, will eat anything, they are very easy keepers, and have great longevity. I used to buy those longhorn pairs for , but I saw some cows with lb calves last week bring dollars.

I dehorn every longhorn cow I buy and they work great with the rest of the herd.

A Couple's Venture Into Raising Longhorns | Successful Farming

Lim, They will probably be the cheapest cow-calf pairs at the sale barn. Some were colored up like a Hereford, some speckled up like Longhorn and they were huge. Usually they come out polled.

how to make money with longhorn cattle

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