Forex november 2016 seminar

Forex november 2016 seminar

Posted: k1da On: 27.05.2017

RCI on Bank Negara’s US$10 billion Forex loss: every man for himself | Malaysia Today

Kit Siang now has to decide whether to allow his partners, Mahathir and Anwar, to hang, or stand by them and hang together. One would result in his credibility remaining intact, but Pakatan Harapan will die, while the other would result in him being buried. Both ways we shall be having a funeral. Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak or probably his Boffin Boys are brilliant strategists.

As far back as they already smelled a rat when various moves were made to sabotage 1MDB. And one of the key players in this effort was Bank Negara Malaysia, which at that time was under Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz. And Sarawak Report has its own version of events. In short, believe what you want to believe because most times beliefs are not supported by facts or scientific evidence but on bias, faith and blind loyalty.

And one thing for sure, just because you believe does not make you right because even close-minded people have beliefs. Anyway, I started by saying Najib or probably his Boffin Boys are brilliant strategists. That is brilliant and that is what we would call Taichi. You could hear a pin drop due to the deafening silence following this latest revelation a month ago. Everyone maintained their silence to first size up what was going to happen.

This was going to be explosive and they all knew it. As much as the opposition tried to brush it aside by saying that this was an old story and no longer relevant, they knew that this was not so.

Kit Siang now wishes they had not organised this seminar in And at this seminar it was revealed that the amount was huge and that there was a coverup. And also at this pre general election seminar they demanded that a RCI be set up to get to the truth. In other words, five years ago DAP considered this matter still very relevant and a matter that requires further investigation because over the last 25 years or so the truth has been concealed and we have been lied to all this while.

Murad started the ball rolling last month and now it has become an avalanche. So, last month Murad did what DAP wanted: And now it has got everyone running around in circles not knowing what to do. SinceKit Siang has been the Chief Crusader of the Bank Negara Forex scandal.

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He was not going to allow this matter to die and he wanted to keep it alive until the truth is told. He also knows that this is a time-bomb strapped to his chest and if he is not careful it is going to explode and blow him up to smithereens. Kit Siang is now caught in a Mexican standoff. So what does Kit Siang do now? Kit Siang cannot turn around and say it is an old story and no longer relevant when he himself refused to let it die and insisted that the issue be kept alive for more than 20 years.

If he does a U-turn after being the Chief Crusader of the Bank Negara Forex scandal for more than two decades his already shrinking credibility will be is mcdonalds open anzac day australia destroyed. But if he goes along with it and supports the RCI on the Bank Negara Forex scandal, while he may save his credibility, he will have to sell out Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad genz stock quote marketwatch Anwar Ibrahim.

Is Kit Siang prepared to save himself by selling out Mahathir? In short, there is only one parachute.

And if Kit Siang uses that parachute to bail out then he has to allow Mahathir and Anwar to die. The former Bank Negara Governor, Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz, sees the time-bomb ticking and has offered forex november 2016 seminar help in the investigation. In fact, Anwar is playing it very safe when he said an ex-senior Bank Negara official, who later became a minister, was complicit in forex november 2016 seminar affair.

Anwar has just hanged Mahathir out to dry. In that statement Anwar has shifted the blame entirely to Mahathir. Anwar also said Jaffar Hussein, who was the Bank Negara governor from tohad taken the rap for the Forex losses. So that means Jaffar is not guilty after all.

But in Anwar said the opposite. So why did Anwar lie in ? Was it under instructions from Mahathir? This is starting to get very interesting. Meanwhile Kit Siang has gone into damage control mode.

forex november 2016 seminar

So Kit Siang has challenged Annuar Musa to a debate. And when Annuar pip trading forex him, three days ago Kit Siang gave Annuar 48 hours to come out with a joint-press conference.

And that deadline has already ended. Annuar is not a man to mess around with and Kit Siang is soon going to find out.

Basically Kit Siang still wants to be in the game and does not want to lose control of the ball. But to do that he has to sell out Mahathir and Anwar.

However, while Kit Siang still wants to be in the game and try to get back control of the ball, he does not want it to appear like he is bailing out while allowing Mahathir and Anwar to die. This is called self-preservation and is a very motivating factor in the human instinct of survival. But Najib and his Boffin Boys are too smart to allow that to happen.

They are not going to allow Kit Siang to ride the dragon as it eats up Mahathir and Anwar. Najib is going to force Kit Siang to either stand by Mahathir and Anwar or allow them to fall. If Kit Siang stands by Mahathir and Anwar he is going to get dragged down with them.

And if Kit Siang abandons Mahathir and Anwar then Pakatan Harapan is going to get wiped out due to this treachery. Now you know why I side with Najib. It is because I love winners and I despise losers. And Pakatan Harapan is without doubt the losers in its contest with Najib and his Boffin Boys.

And that is how Anwar very cleverly and very beautifully outmanoeuvred Mahathir. Mahathir cannot say nothing. He also cannot say he still wants… READ MORE. Therefore it will not be surprising if… READ MORE. Where do they get this money? You have more foolishness than most people would believe.

Billions are used to build… READ MORE. So there you are! Is this not what I said in my articles? That was the plan all along. On 15th Junethe DoJ would make their announcement. Recycling top posts among politicians is wrong. MACC summon Isa Samad, wife, says report.

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Isa resigns as FGV head, appointed acting SPAD chairman. FGV, one more in a series of Isa blunders. THE INSIDE STORY GAME OF THRONES CORRIDORS OF POWER NO HOLDS BARRED THE OTHER VIEW ARCHIVES ARCHIVES ARCHIVES ARCHIVES ARCHIVES ARCHIVES ARCHIVES ARCHIVES ARCHIVES ARCHIVES ARCHIVES Tags Raja Petra Kamarudin RPK. Anwar outmanoeuvred Mahathir beautifully And that is how Anwar very cleverly and very beautifully outmanoeuvred Mahathir. Syed Saddiq, you just got nailed good and proper So there you are!

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